This article is about the Attack from the Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Attack from Telepath Tactics.

Attack Vengeance
Vengeance is a ferocious twist on the Feedback attack. The attacker deliberately amplifies his own pain and rains it down on all who stand before him. Due to the risk of self-injury involved in this attack, it is quite difficult to master and not widely used. Once mastered, however, Vengeance is a brutally effective ability.


  • Element: Mental
  • Range: 1-3 Spaces
  • Cost: 5 Psy Points
  • Damage / Healing: Psy Defense + Vengeance Level
  • Status Effect: Caster's Health increases, if caster is wounded
  • You learn this ability when you get your Feedback to level 5 (Telepath RPG 2)
In Servants of God, the ability becomes available when your Feedback is level 3, for 1000 gold.
  • When choosing new game+ in TRPG2, to get Feedback to Vengeance again, the player needs to train their Feedback or Psy Defense once.