Umma Portrait
Vital statistics
Class Civilian
Status Neutral
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Marid
Location Marid Camp
Umma appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Umma is a Marid clan member who can be located near the entrance to the Marid Camp. Umma has a young son named Shabab. Her son's pet desert scorpion, Tikki, gets afflicted with the Madness. The sick scorpion steals Umma's valuable stones and runs off to a cave northeast of the Marid camp.


After Duvalier goes to the Marid Clan camp to look for a place to hide rescued civilians from the Cult, Duvalier has the chance to help Umma retrieve her valuable stones. She asks Duvalier to try not to kill her son's pet when retrieving them. Umma will reward Duvalier with the opal orb from her collection of stones if Duvalier retrieves the stones and gives Summ to Shabab.


"Shabab! That is not how we talk to strangers!"

"Good day to you, warrior. The weather is pleasant, is it not?"


  • She doesn't start or get involved in any side quests in the demo version of the game.
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