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This article is about the Trainers in Telepath Psy Arena 2. You may be looking for the Trainer in Psy Arena.

File:TPA2 Trainers.JPG
Vital statistics
Class Trainers
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Grand Tournament of Ravinale
Location Ravinale

The Trainers appears in Telepath Psy Arena 2


The Trainers in TPA2 are a group of highly experiences individuals who, for a certain amount of gold, will train the Hero and fellow teammates in Psy Power, Strength and Psy Defense, as well as help each team member master new attacks. The Trainers also have many orbs for sale. For a price, the Trainers will set up a fight in the The Pit, The Grotto, The Cave, The Brig, or The Oubliette.


"Welcome to the official training center for the Grand Tournament of Ravinale. How many I assist you?"

"Ah, sorry, I just remembered: I was recently approached by a mysterous figure, who demanded that I not allow you play randomized battles. He said something about 'they have to buy the full game'--whatever that means.


  • It is rumored that the tournament organizers brings in almost the same amount of gold from Trainers as they do selling regular tickets.
  • In the Demo, a mysterous figure will not allow the Trainers to set up randomized battles on the training grounds for the Hero, because the mysterous figure says "they have to buy the full game".