The Great Forest is a large temperate forest on the continent of Cera Bella, east of Somnus, north of The Psy Academy, and south of Lake Alto. The Great Forest is home to strange species such as Tigs, Giant Mantises, and Folk-of-the-Woods.


Shadow WarEdit

During the Shadow War, the Mechanic mercenaries were operating in the Great Forest. The mercenary presence in the Great Forest was designed to deceive the Shadowling Empire into thinking that the Mechanics' Energy Golem Workshop was located in the Great Forest instead of the Deeper Downs. Lured by this deception, the Hero was ambushed by three Spriggat assassins, Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. After the Mechanic presence was eliminated by the Hero, Gelf opened up his shop to sell the things he has scavenged.

Post-Shadow WarEdit

By the time of the Ravinale Civil War, the trails have begun to disappear and the forest has became plagued with Tigs, Gaint Matises, and Wood Folk bandits. Hidden deep in the forest, the Mechanic have set up a workshop in one of the forest's caves. The Mechanics heavly guard their workshop in order to protect the blueprints for a huge vibra engine.

TRPG2 Map of The Great ForestEdit

           |        Gelf's Shop 
        Forest - Forest -/
​                    Forest - Cave
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