The Cult of Yawah or more commonly called "The Cult" is an influential, religious organization that arranged the overthrow of the Ravinale government shortly before the start of Telepath RPG: Servants of God. The resulting coup lead to a civil war between them and People's Resistance of Ravinale.

Religious Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Cultists believe that Yawah, the one true god, created both the heavens and the earth. He is also the creator of life. They claim that through his book, the Iqon, and through his acolytes, Yawah shows his followers how to live their lives and how to avoid the temptations of the Dark Ones. According to the Cult's scripture, The Dark Ones are humans who disobeyed Him and then became dark and twisted. These Dark Ones were banished to live beneath the surface of the earth. Those humans influenced by the Dark Ones are said to have The Gift. Anyone who worships "false gods", like Anu, will be punished.

Leaders[edit | edit source]

The Cult is led by the prophet Cygnus, a man in a golden mask. The Acolytes serve Cygnus in the name of Yawah.

The Coup[edit | edit source]

The Cult gained power largely by converting the commanding officer of the Ravinale military, General D'Kah, as well as large swathes of enlisted men. Consolidating its hold on power during the months leading up to the coup, the Cult purged nonbelievers from the armed forces, allowing it to wield the Ravinale military as its own personal army.

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