Telepath RPG Chapter 1 is first game in the Telepath RPG series of games. This is the first game ever released by Sinister Design.


Telepath RPG Chapter 1 tells the story of a gifted student at the Psy Academy, a military school for people with mental powers such as telepathy and telekinesis. At the beginning of Telepath RPG Chapter 1, we learn that the main character's little brother David has been kidnapped by creatures known as Shadowlings. The main character must try to recruit his friends and free him.


Combat in Telepath RPG Chapter 1 is strictly turn-based, similar to combat in a Phantasy Star game. Allies can be "summoned" during combat, and are represented by playing cards with particular behaviors and attributes. All actions cost Psy Points, which can be regenerated by Focusing or taking Focus Pills on the player's turn. The results of most attacks are highly randomized, an effect that can be toned down for any given attack by increasing the hero's level with that attack.


These characters can join the Main Character:


Other characters of interest:

Dialog and AdvancementEdit

Telepath RPG Chapter 1 employs a dialog tree system similar to the one used in Fallout, which lets the player take multiple "paths" through conversations.

Unlike most RPGs, Telepath RPG Chapter 1 does not use an experience point based leveling system. The main character advances when the player pays gold to train in particular areas such as Psy Power, Psy Defense, or specific combat skills.

Unique in the series, books are purchasable allowing the gaining of new abilities.

Game Endings Edit

There are 4 endings in the game. All of them take place after the Hero finds his brother and gets trapped in his room by Tastidian. The possible endings are the following:

  • To leave David to Tastidian.
  • To accept Tastidian's offer, becoming his slave for 3 years in exchange for David's restoration. This is the canonical ending.
  • To choose to engage in battle with Tastidian, by NOT having put on the bracelet that Guy gives him. Tastidian, after losing his patience, kills the player within two attacks.
  • To choose to engage in battle with Tastidian, by having put on the bracelet that Guy gives him. Tastidian, after losing his patience, realises that the player wears the slave bracelet. Something occurs and the player is unable to react. Suddenly he finds himself somewhere else (presumambly Headquarters of TRPG 2) and falls unconscious.

Where to Find the Game Edit

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