Telepath Psy Arena is a casual take on the Telepath RPG series, with a wide variety of selectable battles and unlockable achievements.


The plot of Psy Arena is basic: your character is hoping to earn enough prize money in the Grand Tournament of Ravinale to work his way out of poverty.


Psy Arena uses the combat system from Telepath RPG Chapter 3, which introduces a variety of new Battle Conditions.


The following characters are on the player's team from the start of the game:

Dialog and AdvancementEdit

Psy Arena employs a dialog tree system similar to the one used in Fallout, which lets the player take multiple "paths" through conversations. Unlike other entries in the Telepath RPG series, however, there is not much dialog in Psy Arena.

The player advances by winning battles and training back at headquarters. Earning certain achievements allows the player to unlock and purchase orbs from an orb vender who stands near the balcony at headquarters.

Where to Find the GameEdit

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