Armory RaidsEdit

Armory Raid 1Edit

Have three melee characters block the guards, preferably with counter, or physical resistance. Qudssi, Griffin and Rajav will do this just fine.If friendly fire is off, La'Man and Naj can back them from behind. If Arman has Leap and Mega Stab, he can kill one of them. Rahel, with a little training may target them both, or just one. Duvalier may also kill two or three if he has Fire Gate or Light Bomb.

Armory Raid 2Edit

Focus your attack on one side at a time, because being blocked between the two contigents is very dangerous.

Armory Raid 3Edit

If Duvalier has a powerful Light Bomb or Fire Gate, killing everyone in turn one becomes possible. Have Duvalier kill three of the archers, have Arman or Malis kill the fourth, and use everyone else to kill the two spearmen.

Battle with MalekahinEdit

This one isn't particularly hard. All of the upper level treasure chests are unbreakable, but the one in the bottom right has gold. You don't have to rush with killing Malekahin, but it isn't a good idea to dawdle unless you want to fight General D'Kah now.

Trapped in the ArmoryEdit

If Malekahin delays the Resistance long enough by either talking to the Duvalier and having a battle that last more then 10 turns or not talking to Duvalier and taking more then 20 turns, then D'Kah will lead a large group of Guardsmen to stop the Resistance. If you don't talk to Malekahin, you skip the four trapped in the Armory battles.

Trapped in the Armory 1Edit

Trapped in the Armory 2Edit

Trapped in the Armory 3Edit

Trapped in the Armory 4Edit

General D'Kah Attacks!Edit

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