Before starting the mission, Duvalier needs to ask the Nameless One to create a distraction. To start the mission, talk to Griffin.

Battle: Distract the GuardsEdit

Why fight when you can run? Leap onto the rooftops to avoid melee attacks. On the rooftops, Arman's greatest threat is the Ravinale Bowman. Once the bowman is killed, it is relatively safe to stay on the rooftop, though be wary of the Ravinale Spearman as he can also hit you with a Spear Throw.

If you don't have Leap yet, running is still the best option: simply move Arman to the bottom-right corner of the map, let the enemies come within 3 tiles of him, then move him just out of their reach upwards through the passage on the right side of the map. Keep moving him upwards, not letting the Guards catch up to him. Around turn 6, make sure to move Arman across the top of the map to the top-left-hand corner to ensure that he doesn't get boxed in by the Guardsmen who take the middle street. Finally, wait around the area, staying out of the reach of the Guards for the next three turns.

After the Battle: Confronted by CiviliansEdit

After the battle where Arman distracts the guards, it shows Dualiver with his parents and Griffin walking across a street. Griffin asks if the civilians following them are getting closer. When they reach you, they will accuse you of being "Dark Ones", regardless of your chosen dialog. Before they attack you, Luca will come down in a flash of light and protect you. Then, she will ask you if you want her to kill the civilians. After answering, you hear your mother yell "Save me Yawah!", and the quest ends with you in back Baz's house with your parents, awakened by talking.

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