You are now in Ravinale. Go west to West Ravinale, then north to Baz's Manor. There, you will find your team. Talk to Griffin, and he will tell you to talk to Baz. When you talk to Baz, he tells you to clear his wine cellar of spirits. To do this, go back down and then left to the stairs past Rahel and go down them. You will see a spirit named Luca. Talk to her, and she will join you. Once you do this, consider whether or not you should put her on your team while taking out the spirits. She can fly, and use non-physical attacks, which is quite helpful, but she has a pitiful amount of HP (though if she falls in battle, she does not need a Soul Charge to come back). Once you have decided, go further into the cellar.

Battle: Spirits in the Cellar 1Edit

You will have a fight with only Lesser Ghosts, but since most of the team has physical attacks, they will be difficult to defeat. If your team formation is the same as the prologue with the same team members, do this: Have the Hero attack a ghost on the left and take it out from behind. Then, move Griffin towards the barrel on the left. Make sure Griffin is facing towards the remaining ghosts, so he can counterattack. Now, have Rahel shoot a ghost past the barrels to the right, with Arman attacking it too. Have Set near Griffin, so he can be ready to heal. Have Griffin then keep attacking the ghosts, and Arman backstabbing whenever possible. You could win the battle by capture, but that is less convenient than killing all the ghosts, because the guard ghost does not move, and he's way over at the end of the field.

Battle: Spirits in the Cellar 2Edit

After a brief dialogue, you move onto the next battle. This battle is more difficult, but here is what to do: have the Hero and Griffin move behind the barrels and get attacked by the ghosts, and have them attack back, with Set healing. Have the others out of the reach of the ghosts, and after the first turn, have Rahel finish of or soften up ghosts attacking the Hero and Griffin, and have Arman attack one. Once the other spirits are taken care of, have Rahel shoot over a Stack of Moldy Barrels at the guarding ghost, and let the Hero finish it off.


Once you've beaten the battle, you come across a ghost named Azma. If you have an Aptitude of 10 or more, and pick your dialogue carefully, you can avoid conflict with Azma. If you do not, however, a battle will ensue.

Battle: Boss: AzmaEdit

Since most of your attack are physical, while your enemies have physical resistance, you need to continuely heal your team.

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