Psy War

Psy War

The following is a walkthrough for the many side quests and minigames in TRPG2.

Lala's BasementEdit

There is a green shadowling in a shack in Somnus. When you ask her how she likes living in the city, she gives you a quest to kill all the bugs in her basement. You simply go down the stairs and kill the bugs to get an award of 40 coins or an antique which is actually an orb


Dice is one of the gambling games you can play against Gamblin' Jack once you buy him from Thallion. To start off, each person wagers 5 gold coins and whoever wins a random roll will take to money from the other. The amount of money gradually increases the longer the game is played.

Psy War Edit

You can also play a card game with Gamblin' Jack once you buy him from Thallion: Psy War. Each player gets a hand of five cards with different values on them. Every turn, each player plays a card, and the card with the higher attack value causes damage to the player with the lower card. Some cards with lower attack values have special bonuses for playing them, such as a life bonus or a bonus to attack power, which will automatically be applied if you have enough psy points left to pay the cost of the special bonus.

Pirate Pete's TreasureEdit

Before you complete Mission 6, you can find Pirate Pete at Lake Alto. He gives you a quest where you have to find all his treasure chests before the time runs out.


In Somnus, there is a house with a chest and a staircase inside. If you can open the chest (requires 30 psy power), you can find Malignus, a Spriggat, underneath. He can let you replay several battles, like fighting Nelis and Tastidian.

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