The following are the locations of the TRPG2 Orbs:


Clear Lala's basement of the Huge Bugs and then take the antique as a reward. DO NOT take the money!


After mission 2, one can go to the Great Forest and find the orange orb under the cover of the trees. Tab can help find it. It is in the bottom-left corner of second screen.


After mission 3, in the Deeper Downs' first screen, there is a secret opening at the top, right corner. After passing through the secret opening, one can find a chest with the Crimson Orb in it.


After mission 4, one will find a green tent in a corner of the Great Forest on the second screen. After buying both useful "gaggets" from Gelf, one can ask him to sell an antique that holds an orb.


After mission 5, make sure to have Grotius, so one can talk to him about being lonely. Then you will talk to Nightling (he's reading a book near the west side of the Queen's Palace) about Grotius. If everything is done right, then Grotius will give you an orb.


At the start of mission 6, one can go to Lake Alto and talk to Pirate Pete. As Pete suggests, one will need to kill the Spriggats around the boat before the side mission can begin. One will then return to the dock to speak to Pete again. One will quickly have to search the nearby islands and shores for four treasure chests on the islands. After completing the mission Pete will give the orb as a reward.


Boat Map

The red circle marks where the yellow orb can be found.

upon completing mission 6 and disembarking on the south side of the Lake, go back to the boat towards the coordinates x = -846, y = 1806 in Lake Alto. It takes a long detour to reach it.


After mission 6, one will get the black orb by speaking to Piter and then David.

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