Once the game begins and you awake, go north from your Headquarters and talk to the glowing blue shadowling. He will give you three soldiers, Darkling, Shadowboxer, and Festus. Shadowboxer and Darkling are combat-oriented soldiers, and Festus is the healer. If you have more than 500 gold, you may consider buying Gamblin' Jack from the shadowling in the large house on the right. Jack is pretty powerful, but slow. Tastidian, the glowing shadowling, will tell you to find the Mechanics' Base. It is pretty simple, since all you have to do is go to the Lowlands and battle. If any people get killed, revive them in the bottom-left corner of Somnus. After battling three times, you will find the base. Report back to Tastidian to get a reward and you have finished the mission.


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