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This the is the Walkthrough for Telepath Psy Arena.

KZ Battles[]

Ten Bandit Bowmen[]

This is a fairly easy battle. A good strategy would be to send the fighter and assassin downwards and sweep the bandits, having the fighter take the damage and the assassin backstabbing. If the assassin gets badly hurt, he can run away with his speed. Send the bowman, hero and spirit to wipe the bandits on top. Since the spirit has physical resistance, put her close to the bandits to attack, with hero and bowman finishing off the wounded bandits. Send the shadowling foward to attack the bandits on the far right of the map. Put the healer near the middle so he can heal everyone wounded (but not so foward, as he has low health and is vulnerable).

Ten Bandits[]

Again, this is an easy battle. Send the fighter, bowman and hero to the right and wipe out the bandits. Use backhander (for fighter) as often as possible as melee doesn't deal much damage. Advice: For hero, send him to the middle-right of the map and use Pyro Hail as the positions benefit. Send the shadowling downwards (use shadowport if you run out of steps) and attack the bandits. A good strategy is to have the spirit and the assassin serve as a finisher to the bandits wounded by the shadowling. Have shadowling, spirit and assassin or hero move right to finish the bandits.


This battle is probably harder than the first two ones. You should send the fighter and the spirit left and take down the bandits standing there. Send the bowman and shadowling to wound the middle part of the bandits. A combination of hero and assassin to kill the bandits on the top-right corner of the map is a good strategy. Send the healer near the middle of the map so he can reach anyone hurt. After the first enemy turn, move your units onto the upper left to finish off the bandits.


This battle continues to have bandits at enemies, buut throws you a slight twist. Instead of you moving first, the enemy will. Think of it as a bandit ambush, you have to react to their attack and fight back in order to win. The hero can be useful on the right, helping the fighter and the bowman. Alternatively, you could send the hero towards the left, where a mob attack could be quite useful. The fighter should take out the enemy bowman a bit down from him with a backhander on the first turn. Leaving your spirit in the middle of the battle, could be risky, but it's resistence to physical damage means it can soak up a lot. You should try leaving it in the middle of things, where it can pull attention away from others. (It's especially useful here as your fighter is trapped on the other side of the bridge.) The healer takes a pounding on the first turn and should get out of there immediatly. You shouldn't need much healing here anyway. On the right, the fighter and bowman should be finished, or close to finishing, after turn 2. After a second turn of pounding, your spirit will be heavily damaged, so retreat it across the river. Like the battles before it, this one is fairly easy and can be beaten quickly.

Ten Swordsmen[]

This won't be as easy as the ones before. A good strategy would be to send the fighter down and use backhander to kill the swordsman hiding in the bushes, beacuse 1. To kill the swordsman as fast as possible 2. So he faces out to counterattack any other swordsman that comes to attack him. You should put the bowman behind the log+rock and going downwards a bit each turn to shoot the swordsmen. Send the shadowling and hero left to clear the swordsmen and after that, focus on the middle-left of the map. Use the spirit as a finisher. Put the healer behind the log so that he can heal, but not receive damage. After the first two turns (yours+enemy's) presumably the only swordsmen left would be at the middle-left of the map. Concentrate your forces there to win this battle.

Ten Crossbowmen[]


During this battle, you need to be conservative and heal, while sending the spirit/shadowling out on quick strikes. They are the only two units that can fly, and that ability is quite useful in this battle. Overall, if you're careful, this battle is beatable without any training, and without any casulties.

Malignus Battles[]

Skirmish at the Oasis[]

Ghost Bandit Ambush[]

This is going to be a step up from previous battles, but is still beatable.

Your first objective should be taking out the enemy Marksman. He can hit for 14 damage, much more than any enemy you've faced yet. Nevertheless, this battle is still beatable without any training. The ghost Knight only has a move of 1, so you can disregard him at the beginning. Head for the stone golem/marksman (Making the Marksman your primary target, but leave the assasin near the top of the map. Once the group on the top left of the map starts to attack, take them out with the assassin. He may get hit for some backstab damage early on, so keep your healer nearby. Once you deal with the bottom group of opponents, send the bulk of your party (minus the assassin/healer) towards the ghost knight. You can easily defeat the knight with the bowman's long ranged attack (He can't get in range, as he only has a move of 1) but the boss really isn't that tough. Use your psy attacks against him, he has physical resistance. Two backstab shadow blasts will do him in fairly quickly, and you'll get another easy win.

Ender Battles[]


This 'ambush' isn't really an ambush. You get the first move, and shouldn't have much difficulty with this battle. It's more of a 'Ten Bandits, Reprise'. Anyway, strategy here is simple. Take out the four bandits near the top of the map first, then proceed down and finish them off.

Bridge Battle[]

You start this battle with three soldiers who have their backs turned towards you. Finish them off as fast as possible, and try to claim one side of the bridge as your own. You probably won't block it off, and have a few swordsmen on the other side after the first turn. Deal with them quickly. Then, let the opponents slowly make their way across and kill them, one at a time. If you can claim one side, do so. Make a wall (Fighter on the bridge, hero behind, bowman behind hero, and healer to use long shield on all three behind the bowman) on one bridge, and use the shadowling, spirit, and assassin to get backstabs on the other bridge.

Malignus Battles (Part 2)[]

Forest Path[]

If you've been getting bored of the easy battles, you'll be happy at this one. It isn't necesarily hard yet, but with two energy golems, a marksman, a mechanic captain, and a beast shadowling (who just happens to have a healer with him), it's no cakewalk. You should try sending your fighter/shadowling/bowman towards the marksman (and his friends) at the start. The assassin can head up north, while the healer should stay down. keep your spirit and hero ready for when the mech captain comes, and keep everyone out of range of the energy golems. Then, use your assassin to hit the crossbowman, and kill the marksman. Hopefully, you can draw the nymph away from the shadowling around now. The nymph is a good target to focus on next, take the healing away. Then, stay away from the energy golems and pound the shadowling until it dies. The shadowling hits for 14 damage, so make sure your healed before fighting it. Not that difficult yet, I beat it with 2 casulties (The fighter and assassin) with no training.

Bridge Survival[]

This is the first survival mission where you actually need to try for survival, instead of killing all your opponents. If you lose the hero, you're done, so keep him out of harm's way. You should try building a defensive box, and let the hero/healer heal the others while they protect the hero. I would definently reccommend training before this mission, it's going to be a tough battle. You should form a 'box' around the hero, as he has to survive the entire battle. Then, slowly expand it. You can try to finish most of the enemies on the upper right, while you'll probably only stall those on the lower left. Keep the hero on the island unless you have an oppurtunity to backstab. Keep the healer behind the fighter, constantly healing him. The fighter should be the wall on the southern side of the island, your defense their. The spirit, shadowling, and assassin (and maybe the hero as well) can go and take out the foes on the upper left.

Bone Grabber[]

Your first 'capture a space' battle! To satisfy this win condition, the Hero must occupy the space, which is guarded by the Ravinale Archer. To the east of the archer is not a tree, but an enemy, a Weakened Palm Tree. You must destroy it to access the space, unless you have the Azure Orb (unlikely if you're doing this battle). It, however, takes no damage from 'mental' attacks, so don't use Mind Blasts on it. Send the Fighter and Bowman to the right to take out the opposing swordsmen there (they should both be able to do at least 10 damage by now). Then have the assassin get a sidestab on the other swordman or send him downward for a backstab on the Mech. Captain. Send hero down to fight the scorpion and mech captain, and have the shadowling assist. I'd reccomend using CyroCross with the hero, and finishing the scorpion with a shadowblast. The Healer should stay behind allies and out of lines of fire, while the Spirit should remain close to the Hero using Transfer, especially if the Hero is using high PsP attacks. The sidestabbed swordsmen will probably attack your fighter, and he'll get a counterattack to finish it off. Move deeper into the enemies formation up top, attacking the marksman and hopefull killing the crossbowman. (If not, he can be healed.) The hero should be able to finish off the mech captain, if not, have the shadowling help him out. The spriggat should turn north now, leaving the ravinale guard (and the capture square) open to attack. Try to keep the spriggat/marksmen engaged, if you can't, you'll want to draw the spriggat away from the capture space to deal with it. Once the spriggat is gone, you can sneak the shadowling/spirit in and grab the space for your team. Then, just hold it. Note that the Ravinale guard can't attack units right next to him.

The Swarm[]

Be warned-Bugs are resistent to shadow damage!

Start off this battle by sending the Hero, Bowman, and Fighter down to fight the bottom three, and focus the rest of your strength on the top right. The bugs in the bottom left won't bother you for now. Let them finish off their respective groups, then proceed to kill the two bugs in the bottom right and kill the ghost knight.

Battle at the Gorge[]

You don't get the lead in this battle, your opponent will move first. Thankfully, they don't attack on their first turn. You should try setting up a defense with your humans to to right of your starting location, on the bridge, and using the shadowling and spirit to deal with the ghosts. The assassin can't do much for you in this battle, leave him where he started. As long as you don't get your units bunched up, this should be an easy fight.

Island Hopping[]

So, a solo battle. Here's your chance to see how good your hero is. You should go on the offensive immediatly and set up a pyro hail that can hit all three opponents on the bridge. If you can hit 14 with a pyro hail, you'll knock 'em out, fast. Then, wait a few turns, (do this throughout the battle to regain psp.) and then move on. Once the lesser ghost gets close by, kill him as well. A well placed pyro hail can take out the bandit archer on the opposite island (The same one as the stone golem.) Once you recover some psp, take out the other archers and bandits. Then, recover psp and head towards the energy golem. Use feedback when you defeat it, and you should be at full health/psp for the final stone golem. Not a hard concept there, hit it till it dies.

Guards! Guards![]

Before trying this battle, I reccommend heading to KZs battles and finishing the two star ones there.

Rushing in is a good way to get your party killed. Instead, stay back, and use the shadowling to kill the archers on the roof. Then, finish the first guard who comes at you with a backhander/support from the bowman and hero. Take the roof as your own, and send the assassin around the top. Finish off the remaining guards, and use the assassin to get a backstab if necesary.

Mechanics Showdown[]

Send the fighter and healer across the bridge immediatly. Make sure the fighter can fight the bronze golem, while in a position that the crossbowman can't hit him. Use the Healers long shield so he can stay away from the fight. The rest of your party should head down and prepare for an assault, staying away from the energy golems. Position your bowman so he can attack the first mech captain coming at you. Once the fighter's done with the golem and crossbowman, send him to take out the first energy golem with a backstab. You should get a big fight in the middle of the map going, win it, and it will be easy to kill the survivors.

Defend Your Castle[]

As this is a defensive mission, let the enemy come to you. They should position themselves nicely for a cyro cross on the left, and the fighter and bowman can take out the guard on the right. Use the shadowling and assassin to finish the guard on the left. The spriggats only hit for 7, their healing is the main threat from them. You should have the main opponents killed after turn 2, then just finish the rest.

Desert Villa Rescue[]

General Darkeye is in a bit of a fix here. Send the fighter to engage immediatly, and take out who you can from across the river. Try to get them to come after you. Most of the enemies are fairly weak, and mob attacks can be useful. This isn't that hard of a battle, as long as you keep the attention away from Darkeye.

Dungeon Escape[]

I'd reccommend heading to the other three star battles before moving on.

Daring Rescue[]

KZ Battles (Part 2)[]

Ten Lesser Ghosts[]

Your opponents move first here, let them do their thing. You only have seven turns, but this battle is fairly easy. Use your hero, shadowling and spirit to bypass the resistance, and the spirits fall fast. It should take 2-3 turns, not seven, for this battle.


A classic gladitorial arena. Four opponents, and beasts on the sides. Open with a combined fighter/bowman attack to finish the first 'gladiator'. The hero can knock of the two near the bottom with a well-placed Cyrocross. The shadowling can backstab the last one, knocking them all out. Have the spirit give the hero more psp, and keep the assassin and healer where they are. Knock out one shadow bug in the northeast with the fighter/bowman, attack the spriggat with the shadowling/assassin, and kill the shadowbug in the south with Cyrocross/a mind blast from the spirit. Then, heal your hero. Mop up the survivors, and win another battle.

The House: Garden[]

The first of a two-part sequence. You should rush in and head left with the fighter, right with the bowman. Send the hero in for a cyrocross, then shadowport and hit the opponents on the right from behind with the shadowling. Make sure your healer is at the entrance, so he can easily reach you. After the next turn, finish off the warriors on the right with your fighter. The swordsman and crossbowman should be set up, with the energy golem, for a pyro hail. Have your fighter take out the energy golem on the left. Send the hero and healer out of harms way if the central energy golem is still around. Then, mop up.

The House: Entrance Hall[]

Part two. You need to capture the far space. Send the fighter straight through, and kill the swordsman near the capture space with a backhander. Use the heros cyrocross to kill a few more swordsman, and use the shadowling to support. Try to get your assassin a stab, and move the healer to the center. The golems may give you a few problems, but this is a fairly easy battle.

D Day: Beach 1[]

This is the first of many 'D-Day' missions. However, the others are all a lot more difficult, so don't try to do them all in one go. Hit the formation directly in front of you with some kind of mob skill, send the fighter to the right, and use the rest of your force to decimate the six warriors in front of you. After that, it's a fairly easy fight.

Ten Shadow Bugs[]

Send the fighter, Bowman and Hero to take out the bug on the far left, and use the shadowling to block off the bridge. Bugs are resistant to Shadow, so have the Shadowling use Mind Blast. Continue fighting on the left, and rotate the healer between the Fighter's group and the Shadowling. The spirit can give the Hero more psp if necesary, and the assassin should look for a chance to backstab. Three bugs should come in a line, trying to find another around the blocked off bridge. Pyro Hail them. The hero can finish off some of the three bugs with a cyro cross, and the fighter should keppthe bugs on the bottom right occupied. After that point, it should be fairly easy to finish the battle.

Checkered Crossroads[]

A very, very easy battle. Just rush your opponents and cut them up.

The House: Basement[]

The third 'house' battle. Send the Fighter and Bowman to engage the bugs on the top right. The ones down from where you start are in perfect formation for a pyro hail. Hit them with it. Give the hero more psp with the spirit, and kill the damaged bugs with the assassin/shadowling. Finish off all of the shadow bugs the next round, leaving nymphs and the boss. Once the bugs are gone, it should be easy to take out the nymphs and finish the knight.

Ten Stone Golems[]

This will not be an easy batttle. Prepare to be backstabbed on the first turn, you simply have to if you want to take out some golems. I reccommend focusing on one at a time, staying away from the others and using their speed against them. After the first turns, just don't get surrounded and you should be fine.

Storming Through[]

Rushing in is a very bad idea here. Let the opponents come to you, and thin them out. The archers on the roof can't hurt you as long as you stay on the safe side of the bridges. Once the guard on the right is gone, you can move in. Use the assassin to distract the three on the right, and the shadowling/bowman to take out the guards on the roof. A pyro hail dealing 18 damage could be very useful, killing them all in one hit.


Start by getting your Shadowling out of their. Leave the rest of your group in formation. Get the shadowling in a position where both energy golems attack him. He'll probably die, but a lot of enemies are weakened by the golems. The hero should get behind the fighter, in range of a long shield from the healer. The hero heals and attacks, the fighter is a wall, and the healer heals the hero. If you stay in that formation, this battle is fairly easy.

The Beach[]

A solo protect mission. Unfortunately, that option wasn't available for battle creation, so the rest of your team is blocked off. Easy battle, really. Use a few mob moves and take them out.

D Day: Wall 1[]

Flying Through[]

Ten Ghost Knights[]

Desert Hope[]

Over One[]

Bug Patrol[]

General Escape[]

D Day: Garden 2[]

D Day: Side 1[]

D Day: Inside 2[]


Hammer and Anvil[]

Ender Battles (Part 2)[]

Shadowling Arena[]