Snarl image
Vital statistics
Class Somnus Citizen
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Empire
Location Somnus
Snarl (Telepath RPG 2)

Snarl in Telepath RPG 2

Snarl appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Snarl is a unfriendly, racist shadowling who has at least basic knowledge of Somnus.


Snarl will answer most of the Hero's basic questions about several shadowlings and important building locations in Somnus. Essentially, he's the local tourist information centre.


"Ridiculous creature, where do you think you are?"

"...I would kill any filthy flesh creature who dared defile her (Shadowling Queen) with his presence..."


Despite being very impatient at all the questions asked, it's impossible to get into a fight with Snarl, even if the Shadowling Queen is mentioned.

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