The Shadowling Empire was a vast underground state that encompasses the Shadowlands. For over 2,000 years, the Empire was ruled by a tyrannical monarch named the "Shadowling Queen". Under the Queen's rule, the Shadowling Empire became a hierarchical, militarized society that was constantly at war. During one the Empire's wars, the shadowlings conquered Spriggatia and enslaved the Spriggat race. After years of being treated as an underclass, the Spriggats rebelled from their shadowling rulers. This rebellion resulted into the Shadowling Empire's final war, the Shadow War. After the Hero of the Shadow War killed the Queen, the Empire collapsed and was replaced by the Shadowling Republic. Unlike its predecessor, the new government is based on Spriggat-Shadowling equality and it's reluctant to go to war.

People of ImportanceEdit

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