Portrait Shadowboxer
Vital statistics
Class Psy Assassin
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Empire
Health 19 + Psy Defense x2
PsP 12 + Psy Defense + Psy Power
Speed 8 (Flying)
Location Somnus
Shadowboxer (Telepath RPG 2)

Shadowboxer in Telepath RPG 2

Shadowboxer appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Shadowboxer is Darkling's older brother, and one of the younger shadowlings to ever enter the Assassin's Cult. He is more serious than his brother, and is generaly more mature than him as well.


In the beginning of the game, Tastidian gives you three soldiers, Darkling, Festus, and Shadowboxer.



Shadowboxer gains powerful attacks, including Shadow Blast and Dark Vortex, which can become valuable when attacking groups of enemies. Shadowboxer is also the second fastest character in the game, and can get Shadow Resistance the easiest, which aids in fighting against Dark Spriggats and Shadowlings. He is not as mobile as his brother, but when they have equal Psy Defense, Shadowboxer's health and psy points will be higher. Therefore, he is more durable than Darkling.


"One of these days that little runt is going to get himself killed."

"Yeah, brother. What? You think we don't have families or something? You think we just sprout from magic beans?"


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