This article is about the Attack from the Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Attack from Telepath RPG 1 or the Attack from Telepath Tactics.

Attack ShadowBlast
Shadow Blast is the most basic shadow elemental attack. In intuitive terms, it is said that with shadow elemental attacks, the attacker gives physical form to negative emotions, breaking apart water vapor in the air and forming a highly corrosive miasma. Shadow Blast forms a globule of this miasma and launches it at a target two spaces away. Shadow Blast is a less expensive than the other elemental blast attacks, and accordingly, its damage potential grows less quickly as it gains levels relative to the other elemental blasts.


  • Element: Shadow
  • Range: 2 Spaces
  • Cost: 6 Psy Points
  • Damage: Psy Power + Shadow Blast Level + 3