This article is about the Servants of God character. You may be looking for the Festus from Telepath RPG 2.


Sen. Festus

Vital statistics
Class Shadowling Healer
Status Ally
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Republic
Health 28
PsP 28
Speed (Flying)
Location Somnus
Senator Festus appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


In Festus's youth, he was in charge of wiping and extraction for the Shadowling Empire. Feeling guilty for his actions, Festus later becomes a Psy Healer. During the Shadow War, Festus is assigned to join the team lead by his old friend, Tastidian's personal slave. Tired of the constant warfare, Festus and his comrades assassinate the Shadowling Queen.

After the Shadow War, Festus volunteers at the new Somnus National Library and opens up a clinic. Some time later, Festus becomes one of Senators of the Shadowling Republic who strongly opposes the Shadowling Loyalists.


Festus has been kidnapped by Shadowling Loyalists. Mysterion, Festus's assistant, will ask Duvalier to rescue Festus while keeping the kidnapping secret.

After being resued, Festus promises Duvalier that he can convince Parliament to send troops to support the People's Resistance of Ravinale if they capture the Loyalist leader, Hellion. After capturing Hellion, the Senator fails to keep his promise, yet he is able to reward the Resistance with a sizable amount of gold and a discount for hiring troops form the Helenites.



His Big Shield can be a Big help.


"We have to return to Somnus first. That is where my bank, my manor, my contacts--literally every thing of value that I own--resides. Or did you think the Loyalists would kidnap me, then give me a few thousand gold to hand out in the event of a daring rescue?"

"The Loyalists grow bolder every day; and the public, increasing impatient. But we dare not risk a direct confrontation. There is far too much loyalist sentiment still out there among the populace. If it were to turn to civil war, it would be a bloodbath. We need a quick, clean strike to cripple the Loyalists.

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