The Ravinale Civil War is the conflict between The Cult's theocratic government and the People's Resistance of Ravinale.

Creation of the ResistanceEdit

After the Ravinale Coup d'état, the Cult-controlled government alienated half of Ravinale's trade partners and stripped the academies of their intellectual traditions. Dissatisfied with Ravinale's new authoritative theocracy, Rahel and Darime, two former students of the Ravinale Military Academy, created the People's Resistance of Ravinale in order to return Ravinale to republican rule.

Cult VictoryEdit

The Resistance hit a low point after they were forced to fight a detachment of Ravinale Guardsman lead by General D'Kah. During the battle, D'Kah kills Darime in a duel. After Darime died, command of the Resistance was left to his romantic partner, Rahel. Rahel's grieving left her unable to think rationally, so she appointed Griffin to lead in her stead.

Prison BreakEdit

Under Griffin's command, the Resistance organized a prison break. While Resistance was unable to free the Senators Duvalier, the Resistance was able to free the Senators' gifted son and the wealthiest man in Ravinale, Baz Al'jaj.

Freeing LaborersEdit

After securing a hideout within bandit territory, the Resistance move to liberate the laborers from a forced labor camp. The Resistance holds off the Guardsmen and Mechanics mercenaries as the laborers flee to Fawaz Gorge. After the Resistance and the laborers escape the labor site, Fernatus arrives to try to delay the Resistance long enough for General D'Kah to arrive with reinforcements.

Raid on Al'Dukkan ArmoryEdit

Due to the liberation of the laborers, the Resistance gained much manpower, yet they didn't have the supplies to arm them. To get the weapons they needed, the Resistance attacked the Al'Dukkan Armory. After the Resistance defeats Malekahin and the stationed guardsmen, Fife and his fellow Resistance sympathizers show up to collect the arms and transport it to the Resistance's secret Desert Headquarters.

Resistance Gathering AlliesEdit

Even though the Resistance has plenty of arms, they don't have the manpower to defeat win the war. To gain the necessary manpower, Griffin assigns Duvalier the task of recruiting from within Ravinale and across Cera Bella.

The Attack of RavinaleEdit

As the mass of the Resistance forces serves as a distraction during a frontal attack, a strike force lead by Duvalier attempts to take out Cygnus

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