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A view of Ravinale by Lethal Laurie.

Ravinale is an independent city-state located in the middle of the Ashwan Desert, southwest of both Somnus and the Psy Academy.

Ravinale is an important trade hub, particularly since it controls territory rich in valuable spices.

Ravinale is the battleground to most of the fighting between The Cult and People's Resistance of Ravinale.

Map Of Ravinale[]

              Baz's Manor
              Baz's Estate                  Library
                   |                            |
     Docks - West Ravinale - Marketplace - East Ravinale
       |                         |
Forced Labor Camp           World Map


  • Ali the Incorrigible is a gambler who can play Psy Duel with the Hero. He can be found in West Ravinale's eastern building.
  • Baz is the richest man in Ravinale and holds a grudge against the Cult for taking away most of his property and wealth. He can be found in Baz's Manor.
  • Al'al is a street contact for a group of human assassins known as the Order of the Black Rose.
  • The Librarian can be found in the Library and may provide the Hero with a side-quest to recover books which were censored by the Cult.
  • Achmed is a broken merchant whose caravans were attacked by Bandits. He will gladly escort the Hero and his team to their numerous hideouts.
  • A Businessman offers an interesting proposition to the Hero in the Docks area.
  • The Nameless One can be found in Baz's Manor after mission 1 is completed. He is a Shadow War veteran who is hired by Baz to train the Hero and his team.
  • Dayn is a man who ran into debt with his landlord. He can be found, in a rather drunk state, in West Ravinale.