This article is about the Attack from the Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Attack from Telepath RPG 1 or the Attack from Telepath Tactics.

Pyro Blast is the baseline heat attack. A psy fighter using Pyro Blast accelerates molecules in the air, eventually causing them to reach such high temperatures that they form a globule of plasma. The attacker then launches the plasma at an enemy two spaces away whereupon he detonates the globule, severly scorching the target. Pyro Blast grows more damaging more quickly than most other attacks, gaining multiple points of additional damage with every level.


  • Element: Heat
  • Range: 2 Spaces
  • Cost: 7 Psy Points
  • TRPG 2 Damage: Psy Power + (2 X Pyro Blast Level) + 3 ,
  • TPA 1 Damage: ????
  • TSoG Damage: Psy Power + (3 X Pyro Blast Level)


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