Piter (Telepath RPG 2)

Vital statistics
Class Student
Status Ally
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Location Psy Academy
Piter (Telepath RPG 1)

Piter in Telepath RPG 1

Piter appears in Telepath RPG Chapters 1 and 2.


Piter is a student at the Psy Academy and a friend of the Hero's. He is rather inept.


At the beginning of Chapter 1, Piter informs the player that Anya wants to tell the hero something.

In Chapter 2, where he became a blue cape, he tells the player that the hero has been gone from the Academy for 4 years, thereby breaking the power of the slave bracelet, since the player had agreed to only 3 years of servitude to Tastidian.


"My dad is going to defenestrate me when he hears that I'm still just a red cape."


If the hero tries to recruit Piter in chapter 1 or 2, he refuses, saying he would just be a liability.

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