Personality is one of the six raw abilities that determine how your Hero can interact with the world.

Personality determines how persuasive your character is when talking with other characters, as well as his or her likeability and leadership ability. One's Personality score has a direct effect on the outcome of certain dialog choices, and may make new dialog options available if high enough. It also directly affects the number of teammates your Hero can command in battle at any one time. Finally, the starting Gold of Hero in the game depends on his Personality.

Telepath RPG 2[edit | edit source]

Personality influences the number of your teammates that can be deployed:

  • Personality 1 to 6 - (3 teammates)
  • Personality 7 to 9 - (4 teammates)
  • Personality 10 to 11 - 5 (teammates)
  • Personality 12 to 14 - (6 teammates)
  • Personality 15 or higher - (7 teammates)

Personality determines your starting Gold. Beginning a game with 1 Personality grants 100 Gold. Each extra Personality point raises the amount of starting Gold by 40.

Personality also helps persuading certain individuals when talking to them, including Niven, Penumbra, Festus, and Grotius.

Other Raw Abilities[edit | edit source]

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