OrbVendor image
Vital statistics
Class Merchant
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Grand Tournament of Ravinale
Location Ravinale
Orb Vendor (Telepath Psy Arena)

Orb Vendor in Telepath Psy Arena

The Orb Vendor appears in Telepath Psy Arena.


The Orb Vendor is a merchant who works for the tournament organisers and is situated in the Psy Arena Headquarters.


The Hero can buy orbs in order to improve certain abilities and be able to get an edge over the enemy on the battlefield.


"Welcome to Abdul's Orb Emporium! Can I interest you in an orb of power? Something to resist fire, perhaps, or something to speed your step?"

"The rules of the Tournament require a contestant to perform certain feats of skill beore he or she is allowed to use orbs."


  • The only character in TPA1 to have an original In-game portrait
  • The Vender's name might be "Abdul", since his shop is called "Abdul's Orb Emporium".
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