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Vital statistics
Class Shadowling Commander
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Empire
Health Determinant
Location Shadowling Camp

Noctus appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 1.


Noctus is an officer in the Shadowling Queen's army. He is in command of the Queen's kidnapping operations at the time the game starts.


Noctus is the boss of Chapter 1. He appears once the Hero has found a way inside his tent.


Noctus's total health depends on the power of the player, but he's generally easier to defeat if the player is more powerful. As long as the player has not Contacted any allies, Noctus alternates between Mind Blast and Shadow Blast attacks each turn. If the player has an ally on the field, there is a 1 in 4 chance that Noctus will use Dark Vortex, removing them from the field. It is important that the player have a good supply of Vision Pills and Focus Pills for this battle.


"Walk no further. I am called Noctus, Eater of Darkness. His Greatness Tastidian warned me to expect you, flesh creature. Already, I have notified Him and He is on His way."

"Do not speak drivel. Do you 'kidnap' a chicken for your dinner? Under our law, you are afforded the same rights as any other animal."

"I was not certain at first that you had grown tired of living, little fleshling, but it seems clear to me now that you have. Your essence will be sweet to devour..."


  • Because of the game's early designs, his bone mask does not feature ridges on the inner edge.