Vital statistics
Class Shadowling Queen
Status Enemy (Final Boss)
Gender Female
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Empire
Health ~500
Speed 3 (Flying)
Location The Queen's Palace
Nelis (Telepath RPG 2)

Nelis in Telepath RPG 2

Nelis aka the Shadowling Queen appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Nelis is the name of the Shadowling Queen. For centuries, she was the head of a monarchical government that has dominated political and religious life in The Shadowlands . She is a shadowy figure whose motivations and origin remain unclear.


Nelis is the Empress of the Shadowlands, and her war against the Dissidents drives the plot of TRPG2. For most of the game, she is regarded as a deity, although in the end, she is the final, killable boss if the hero sides with Dean Lukas. According to Dean Lukas she has spread rumors of her own godhood to quash dissent.


Fire Gate (Range: 3x3, epicenter 3 spaces from attacker, Damage: 20), Holy Blast (Range: 1/Every Space, Damage: 40/4)

Resistance: Light


Nelis can be defeated at the end of TRPG2. She has two powerful attacks that hit multiple targets: Fire Gate and Holy Blast. Holy Blast does massive Light damage to a single target at close range, and a small amount of Light damage to all other characters on the screen. Fire Gate is a 3X3 square Heat attack with its center 3 squares away. She also has Light Resistance, so any Light based attack will only deal 50% damage.

While Nelis may appear at first to have 999 health, she is in fact concealing her true health from the player. Depending on the difficulty at which the game is played, it may take several hundred damage before she will fall. Be sure to deal damage to her consistently, however, for she regenerates health each turn.


"You... What do you hope to accomplish here? Do you wish to put an end to your existence? Flee. Enjoy what remains of your short human life. Or, stay--and perish in fire!"


  • Nelis is voiced by the actress Nancy Howland Walker.
  • According to the book Her Name is Unspeakable, legends say that the Shadowling Queen can hear her name being spoken anywhere in the world.
  • Nelis's abilities are hidden from the Hero, because she is simply too skilled at deflecting scans for the Hero to penetrate her defenses.
  • Canonically Protagonist fights Nelis causing her death in the process and ending Shadow War.
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