Mind Shock is a modified mind blast that has a greater reach and a longer paralysis effect. The downside to targeting vital brain centers at range is that the increased difficulty makes the attack less lethal. Due to the precision necessary to shut down vital parts of a target's brain, ordinarily, mind blasts can only be carried out at close range. For psys with a certain finesse for mental scanning, however, mind shock presents a means of shutting down larger areas of the brain areas for a longer time and at greater distances, albeit with less precision. Because mind shocks tend to affect portions of the brain less vital to the body's immediate survival than mind blasts, mind shocks are less damaging. However, they also tend to produce longer-lasting paralytic effects on the target.

Stats Edit

  • Element: Mental
  • Range: 2 Spaces
  • Cost: 4 Psy Points
  • Damage: (1/3 PsyPower) + Mind Shock Level + 1
  • Status Effects: The stun chance of Mind Shock starts with 70%, increasing 5% with each level the attack gains; so, theoretically, if you manage to get Mind Shock to level 6, you will stun the enemy every time you use the attack. Bosses cannot be stunned with this attack.
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