This article is about the Skill from the Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Skill from Telepath RPG 1 or the Skill from Telepath Tactics.

Attack MindShield
Mind Shield is the most basic of all psychokinetic shields. Mind Shields are barriers erected by psy healers that deflect physical blows and unwanted mental intrusions. Mind Shields protect injured units when they are weakened, warding off blows that would prove injurious or even fatal. Mind Shields are inherently unstable, however, and will collapse unless maintained. Thus, it is nearly impossible to maintain a mind shield that provides protection beyond the target's ordinary defensive abilities.


  • Element: Mental
  • Range: 1 Space; 2 Spaces for Anya and Jack
  • Cost: 3 Psy Points
  • Healing: Psy Defense + Mind Shield Level
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