This article is about the Attack from Telepath Tactics. You may be looking for the Attack from Telepath RPG 1 or the Attack from the Second Generation of Games.

Mind Blast is the most basic mental attack. As a mental attack, mind blast can't be dodged, so it will always hit its target.

It works by overloading the victim's mind with a barrage of false sensory inputs, causing trauma that can result in death if the victim lacks sufficient defenses. Originally developed as a means of self-defense by talented psys, mind blast has become a baseline attack that all psy fighter are expected to know. Mind blast overcomes the target's filters, overloading its brain with so much information that the brain temporarily ceases to carry out its ordinary functions. The bulk of the damage from a mind blast is in the physical consequences that follow from the brain malfunction. A lethal mind blast might, for example, suffocate the target by shutting down its ability to command its diaphragm to contract, or cause a fatal heart attack by shutting down the part of the brain responsible for commanding the heart to pump blood.


  • Element: Mental
  • Range: 1 Space
  • Cost: 2 Energy
  • Damage: Psy Power
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