As the world becomes more and more vulsaliy driven, resources such as Picjuice will gain relevance. It can be beneficial for students looking to quickly edit a saved photo to make it more appealing or fit more nicely within a paper or project. Picjuice only has six buttons, requires no registration, and is a very simplified way to get the most out of your images. In this tool you can crop, resize, flip, rotate, and adjust the colors and contrast of a photoraph. Because of the extremely basic design of this site, Picjuice gets the job done without the hassle. Teachers will no longer need to waste precious class time to instruct digital photo editing processes, and students will have great results. Any editing that typically needs to be done for educational purposes can be completed using Picjuice.On the downside, some students may become frustrated by the limited options. This should not be viewed as a medium for artistic expression, as the options are functional and not exploratory. However, this is a free site, and that factor alone makes this a relatively useful resource for photo editing.

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