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A member of the Mechanics

The Mechanics is a human mercenary organization who is involved in practically every conflict across the continent. They usually side with the faction who is willing to pay them more. Being the ones who invented golems and vibra-powered steam engine, the Mechanics have been known to peddle in black market gadgetry. While their regular infantry are simply to dipatch, these mercenaries are dangerous in large numbers and with golem support. Helena, a former Mechanic Captain created her own mercenary organization after she was fired from the Mechanics. Although smaller in number, the Helenites are the Mechanics chief rivals.


Early Years[]

Many years before the Shadow War, the genius inventor Sibelius formed the Mechanics to take care of the bandits problem in the Cera Bella countryside. Sibelius made a fortune, and the Mechanics have grown to become a force to be reckonded with.

Shadow War[]

During the Shadow War, the Mechanics were hired by the Spriggat Dissidents to fight the Shadowling Empire. At first, the Empire merely thought of the Mechanics as a nuisance for raiding their supply lines. The shadowling commanding general, Tastidian, realized that he underestimated the Mechanics after discovering that the mercenary raids were designed to steal high-energy gemstones for the purpose of building a new type of golem. Since the new golems, Energy Golems, can accurately strike multiple targets over long distances, the Dissidents and their allies gained a tactical advantage. In order to remove the Spriggats' tactical advantage, Tastidian sends his personal slave to destroy the Mechanics' Energy Golem workshop and to loot an inoperative Energy Golem. The Shadowling Empire uses the inoperative Energy Golem to reverse engineer their own version. Despite major setbacks to the Mechanics' operations, the Mechanics and the Dissidents win the Shadow War.

Grand Tournament of Ravinale[]

After the Shadow War, the Mechanics had many of their mercenaries and golems entered into the Grand Tournament of Ravinale.

Ravinale Civil War[]

After the Cult began purging undesirables from the Ravinale Guard, the Guard has been left with a shortage of manpower. To solve this, the Mechanics were contracted to supply troops to supplement the Ravinale Guard. One of the Mechanic's duties was to guard the forced labor camps. During the this time, the Mechanics operated a hidden Great Forest Workshop that held plans for a huge vibra engine.