Malignus (the Spriggat) image
Vital statistics
Class Dark Spriggat
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Race Spriggat
Location Somnus

Malignus appears in Telepath RPG 2 edition.


Malignus is a Dark Spriggat who resides in The Pit (the basement of Hellion's house). The spriggat's control of "The Sight" is so great that he can literally see through time.


If the Hero has 30 Psy Power, then the Hero can open the heavy chest that blocks the entrance to Hellion's basement. At the bottom of the basement in Malignus.

Malignus offers the Hero a chance to "travel through" time and participate in any of the battles of TRPG2.


"Wait, who are you? The war... is it over yet?"

"When you can See as much as I can, it's hard to keep the time straight! [The spriggat closes one eye and peers at you with the other.] Do you See?"

"The past. The future. It's all present for me to See. Would you like to take a trip through time, child?"


Malignus happened to be the game creator's username on the Old SinisterDesign Forums.

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