After completing the Rescuing Festus mission, Senator Festus asks Duvalier to capture the Loyalist leader, Hellion, in exchange for troops. Festus's assistant, Mysterion will lead Duvalier and his team to the Loyalist Cave to capture the Loyalist leader.

It is recommended that Duvalier equip the Black Orb for this mission, because shadow resistance would reduce many of the Shadowlings' attacks. If, however, the player has chosen the dark element beforehand, Nightmare Shield will do perfect job.

Using the Azure and the Green orbs will enable Duvalier to boost his speed considerably.

Loyalist Cave 1 Edit

With the Azure orb equipped, Duvalier can walk over lava to the west. Destroy all enemies at the west, then aim for the Shadowling Guardian north. After he falls, move to his space.

Loyalist Cave 2Edit

Another easy battle. We don't have to confront the entire enemy force, we simply want to occupy the special space. Kill the enemies near the space, then move Duvalier on it. Simple as that.

Loyalist Cave 3Edit

This battle is a bit more challenging. Using flying characters, deal with the troops on top of your team. Destroy the blocking boulder with either Griffin, Rahel, or Arman. Try not to expose them to the Energy Golem's attack range.

Once finished, focus on the troops to the southeast. You can use Malis to handle the Shadowling coming from the Shadowling Guardian on the space.

By the time everyone except for the northern Guardian is killed, the conclusion of this battle is foregone. We probably had to destroy all of the enemies here. Now let's move on to the final battle.

Battle To Capture HellionEdit

You have to capture Hellion, not kill him, so don't bother targetting him until everyone else is dead.  

First, send Griffin and Rahel to kill the Guardian and the Soldier to the right side. Use your remaining force to kill their counterparts on the left. Now is the time to destroy the troops near Hellion. 

If Duvalier has Shadow Resistance (a dark-elemental Duvalier can and should provide such to his entire team), the enemies will only deal 50% damage. A word of caution though, avoid attacking him from the front. Light Bomb or Fire Gate, if used from a distance, can make an exception to this rule. Another feasible solution would be to wait for Hellion to expose his back- have Arman to punish him with a Mega Stab from the behind. 

If you won this battle, go find Festus, then leave Somnus. Return later to Festus in order to claim your hard-earned 10,000 gold reward. Well done, this mission provides the best income throughout the game. 

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