A fixture on the Old Sinister Design forums, Lethal Laurie is known for producing beautiful and oftentimes hilarious Telepath fan art. She has also contributed in-game art to Telepath RPG: Servants of God on a volunteer basis, as well as designing and painting the jewel case artwork for Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Special CD Edition. She is also responsible for creating free downloadable desktop wallpaper.

Lethal Laurie Fan ArtEdit

TRPG1 Fan ArtEdit

LethalLaurie Shadowling Camp

TRPG2 Fan ArtEdit

TelepathRPGCh2 SpecialCDEdition Cover

LL JackCerzakDrinkingContest

LL Niven

LL Slave

LL GrotiusCerzak

LL Tastidian

LL Glowing Attraction

LL AnyaFestus

LL CrimsonOrb

LL YellowOrb

LL IndigoOrb

LL GreenOrb

TSoG Fan ArtEdit


LL Cygnus

LL DuvalierStylized

LL DuvalierDancing

LL Fernando

LL Cryocross

LL Pyrohail

LL Spriggat Female

LethalLaurie MP3


LL Run Fleshling Run

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