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A fixture on the Old Sinister Design forums, Lethal Laurie is known for producing beautiful and oftentimes hilarious Telepath fan art. She has also contributed in-game art to Telepath RPG: Servants of God on a volunteer basis, as well as designing and painting the jewel case artwork for Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Special CD Edition. She is also responsible for creating free downloadable desktop wallpaper.

Lethal Laurie Fan Art[]

TRPG1 Fan Art[]

LethalLaurie Shadowling Camp.jpg

TRPG2 Fan Art[]

TelepathRPGCh2 SpecialCDEdition Cover.png

LL JackCerzakDrinkingContest.jpg

LL Niven.jpg

LL Slave.jpg

LL GrotiusCerzak.jpg

LL Tastidian.jpg

LL Glowing Attraction.jpg

LL AnyaFestus.jpg

LL CrimsonOrb.jpg

LL YellowOrb.jpg

LL IndigoOrb.jpg

LL GreenOrb.jpg

TSoG Fan Art[]


LL Cygnus.jpg

LL DuvalierStylized.jpg

LL DuvalierDancing.jpg

LL Fernando.png

LL Cryocross.png

LL Pyrohail.png

LL Spriggat Female.jpg

LethalLaurie MP3.jpg


LL Run Fleshling Run.jpg