After completing the Armory Raid, Al'Salaam asks Duvalier to clear out the scorpion nests so that the Resistance can expand their Desert Headquarters. Griffin will have the rocks moved from the blocked tunnel, so Duvalier can start his mission.

Scorpion Nest EastEdit

Duvalier's elemental area attack can be good against the scorpions when paired with the green orb. Griffin can hold the line for quite a while, especially if paired with Set's Solid State Shield to one side. This isn't a very hard battle. After completing it, continue onwards to the left to collect the chest.

Scorpion Nest NorthEdit

After one turn, the scorpions group in two or three contingents, so it's good to wipe them one by one, while Rajav or Luca use their physical resistances to create chokepoints.

Battle with the JinnEdit

The scorpions might not be a bother, even though they spawn pretty often. Iblis, though is tough. Only bring in units with a decent amount of health, because he can raze half your theam with Sandstorm otherwise. Bring a good, tough healer, trained in Big Shield and hit Iblis hard. Beware, as, from under 100 health, Iblis begins to drain your health.

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