Benn Marion's depiction of a human pyrokineticist

Humans are the most populous, diverse race in Cera Bella. Their diversity allows humans to become numerous different classes. Humans are capable of excelling incredibly in physical feats and a few are able to develop Psy abilities. The Psy users are not restricted to one element, but often specialize and hone in on one ability. They use this specialization as a tactical advantage.


The uniqueness between every human is not always positive. Sometimes humans break into squabbles or all-out wars with each other due to uncountable reasons ranging from degrees of opinion, religion, society, race, desire for power, and more.


Thanks to human ingenuity, golems were created by human mecenaries to help them wage war. Fighting alongside golems, many humans have become very successful mercenaires. Human mercenary organizations such as the Mechanics and the Helenites have become involved in almost every conflict in Cera Bella.

Psy AcademyEdit

The Psy Academy is a military school that helps human students develop their psy abilities. Independent of any government, the Psy Academy serves all nations, though it generally remains neutral during conflicts.


Ravinale is an independent city-state located in the middle of hte Ashwan Desert. Ravinale is a major trade hub, as well as the primary exporter of spices. After a coup d'état by a religious cult, Ravinale's new government has become intolerant of other races and humans with "The Gift". A civil war has ensued as the Resistance tries to overthrow the new authoritative theocracy and return Ravinale to democracy.


The clans of the Ashwan Desert are nomadic people who value their independence. Both the Marid and Rubat clans have a culture that is distinct from the humans who live in Ravinale. After fighting off annexation attempts by Ravinale in the past, the clans have viewed the Ravinale government with suspicion.

Notable HumansEdit

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