Vital statistics
Class Swordsman / Bowman / Assassin / Psy Fighter
Status Playable Character
Gender Male / Female
Race Human
Location Ravinale

This Hero appears in Telepath Psy Arena 2.


The Hero of TPA2 arrived in Ravinale after days of travel, savings in tow, ready to start a team and fight for the grand prize of the Grand Tournament of Ravinale. If the Hero manages to reach the final league battle of the tournamnet, the Championship Match, a formidabble foe will stand in the way: Zem the Reaper, the Tournament Champion for the last several years.


This Hero is the main character of Telepath Psy Arena 2.





Psy FighterEdit


Use the Hero's class to your advantage.


"I've traveled for days just to get here. I don't care if I have to wait in line for a few more hours--I am registering for this tournament, and by Anu, I am going to win it."

"Hm. I suppose we are. But I won't be satisfied until we win this whole tournament."

"We? You are in the tournament because I purchased you, and you're on my team. And I...well. I am in this tournament for reasons of my own."

"Huh. I don’t know. All those dead people...I guess I am kind of a monster. But so are you. One monster killing another. I think I’m okay with that, at least. Goodnight, Zem."


The Hero decides to participate in the Grand Tournament of Ravinale in order to earn enough gold to be able to buy medicine for the Hero's sick sister, Julia.

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