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Portrait MainChar.png
Vital statistics
Class Hero
Status Playable Character
Gender Ambiguous
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy / Shadowling Empire
Health Psy Defense Times Two (10 Health, if Psy Defense < 6)
PsP Psy Defense plus Psy Power
Speed 5 (9 with Green Orb)
Location Psy Academy / Somnus

This Hero that appears in Telepath RPG Chapters 1 and 2.


This Hero is a red-haired black cape from the Psy Academy. The hero has a brother, David, who must be saved.

The Hero is also turned into Tastidian's slave in the Shadow War.


S/he is the main character.

Telepath RPG 1 Skills[]

  • Mind Blast
  • Mind Shield
  • Pyro Blast
  • Feedback

Telepath RPG 2 Skills[]


The hero is a flexible character that can be played any number of ways. The only constant is that if s/he dies, the game ends.


"Where am I, again?"

"I need to bring someone back to life."

"What is that? Torture?"

"Well, aren't you Gloomy My GloomyMacPants?"


  • This is the only genderless character in the series- all dialogue based around this Hero allows the players to treat this character as either male or female.