This article is about the Servants of God character. You may be looking for the Helena from Telepath RPG 2.



Vital statistics
Class Swordsman
Status Neutral
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Helenites
Location Helenite Base
Helena appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Helena was a talented Mechanic Captain who fought during the Shadow War. Helena was caught stealing golem parts from other Mechanics, and she was punished by getting herself and her stone golem Flint thrown into the Bug Pit. Eventually, the Hero of the Shadow War is also thrown into the Bug Pit. In exchange for a large sum of gold, Helena and Flint join the Hero's team and they all escape the Bug Pit. When the Hero becomes free of enslavement, Helena and Flint join the Hero's mission to assassinate the Shadowling Queen.

With Flint's help, Helena used the money she earned campaigning with the Hero to start a mercenary group to rival the Mechanics, called the "Helenites." By the time of the Ravinale Civil War, the Helenites are headquartered in the Lowlands.


Duvalier can find the location of the Helenites Headquarters from a cache of books from the third crypt. If Duvalier visits the Helenite base, he can talk to Helena about hiring mercenaries to fight for the People's Resistance of Ravinale.

Helena may offer to pay the Resistance in soldiers for doing a job for her. She will give the Resistance 250 soldiers if Duvalier retrieves plans for a large vibra-engine from the Mechanics' Great Forest Workshop.

If Duvalier captures Hellion for the Shadowling Republic, Senator Festus, an old friend of Helena, will arrange for the Resistance a 50% discount for hiring mercenaries from Helena.


"Perfect. We have a variety of skilled swordsman, crossbowmen, and the latest in automaton technology."

"Pleasure doin' business with you! Come back soon, now. [She elbows the golem.] Wave goodbye, Flint! Be nice to the customers."


Helena may not be the most noble soldier.

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