Helen (Telepath RPG 1)

Helen in Telepath RPG 1

Vital statistics
Class Psy Fighter (Pyro)
Status Trainer
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Health 95
Speed 3
Location Psy Academy

Helen appears in Telepath RPG Chapters 1 and 2.


Helen is a white cape tutor at the Psy Academy. She has an elemental affinity with Heat.


In TRPG1, Helen tutors the Hero in Psy skills such as Mind Blast, Mind Shield, Pyro Blast, and Feedback.

If the Hero sides with Tastidian in TRPG2, she will become one of the Psy Fighters that will fight on behalf of the Psy Academy.


Speed: 3

Attack:Pyro Hail (Range:1-3 Spaces vertical and horizontal, Damage: 25)

Resistance: Heat


"Hello, nice to meet you--I'm Helen. I tutor people on specific Psy skills in order to improve their potency. What skill are you interested in improving?"

"Ah, Mind Blast--straightforward and effective, it works by overloading the synapses."

"Mind Shield? Excellent choice. Even the strongest Psy needs a good defense."

"Pyro Blast! This pyrokinetic attack becomes quite powerful with training."

"Feedback is a defense that absorbs and reflects back part of an enemy's most recent attack."

"Sorry, but it look like you're short on gold. Don't worry, there's no rush. I'll be around later."

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