Golems are automatons invented by The Mechanics to assist them in battle. Both the Helenites and Mechanics build golems to assist their soldiers in combat. They are generally not very smart, though a few are capable of complex verbal communication.

Golem VarietiesEdit

There are currently three different types of golems in Cera Bella.

Stone GolemEdit

Stone Golems are very strong, slow, and difficult to destroy. They attack by clobbering enemies with their massive stone fists.

Bronze GolemEdit

Bronze Golems are the largest and most well-armored golems. Like Stone Golems, they are extremely slow and hard to destroy. They possess only one arm. Where the other arm would be, Bronze Golems are equipped with a heavy retractable chain and a spinning circular saw blade. Bronze Golems swing this blade in an arc to devastate enemies that seek to surround them.

Energy GolemEdit

Energy Golems are by far the most sophisticated type of golem. Though generally immobile, they are capable of firing a focused beam of energy over long distances that can ravage friend and foe alike.

Notable GolemsEdit

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