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The following are terms and phrases unique to Cera Bella:

Ante My Plume[]

"Ante my plume" is a shadowling figure of speech that is equivalent to humans saying "risk my butt".


Post-Shadow War, some shadowlings have adopted the word "appendager" as a neutral term for humans. It is used in place of derogatory terms like "fleshling" and "animal."

Dark One[]

"Dark One" is a term with negative connotations used by The Cult to refer to sentient beings who have Psy abilities (it is akin to the term "heretic" used by the Church in the middle of the last millenia, with similar consequences for the branded being).


"Deathling" is a shadowling term for spirits.


"Fleshling" is a derogatory term used by some Shadowlings and Spriggats to refer to humans.

The Gift[]

"The Gift" is a colloquial expression for psy abilities, which include telekinesis, telepathy, and extrasensory perception.


"Hesh" is somewhat derisively term Lissit use to refer to humans. It translates literally to "hair" or "fur," and has a connotation roughly equivalent to "walking mound of hair".


The "Madness" is an affliction that causes some of the clans' pet desert scorpions to act strangely. Sometimes scorpions lose their memory, while other times they turns against their masters. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the madness.