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*[[Mind Shield]]
*[[Mind Shield]]
**Level 1: 6 Psy Defence
**Level 1: 6 Psy Defence
**Level 2: 9 Psy Defence
**Level 2: 10 Psy Defence
**12 Psy Defence
**12 Psy Defence

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Gamblin' Jack
Vital statistics
Class Swordsman
Status Ally
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Health 19 + Psy Defence x2
PsP 5 + Psy Defence + Psy Power
Location Psy Academy

Gamblin' Jack appears in Telepath RPGs 1 and 2.


A guard at the Psy Academy, Jack loves to gamble. Some time before TRPG2, he gambled away his freedom in an attempt to get his men and himself out of a bad situation, but ended up losing and becoming a slave.


With enough aptitude, you will recognize him in TRPG2. He begs you to set him free from being a slave. If you give his master Thallion 500 gold, Gamblin' Jack will join your forces.


  • Melee
  • Snake Eyes
    • 3 Psy Power
  • Mind Shield
    • Level 1: 6 Psy Defence
    • Level 2: 10 Psy Defence
  • Recover
    • 12 Psy Defence


The gambling guard is an ace swordsman. Set him in front to take damage, and dish it out, and put a distance attacker or healer behind him. Once he gains Snake Eyes, his attacks can do massive damage. Later, he can also be a healer.


[When asked if he wants to gamble]: "Now what kind of question is that? Does the sun want to shine? Does the wind want to blow? Name your poison kid."