Gamblin' Jack
Portrait Jack
Vital statistics
Class Swordsman
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Health 19 + Psy Defense x2
PsP 5 + Psy Defense + Psy Power
Speed 5
Location Psy Academy

Gamblin' Jack appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 1 and 2.


A guard at the Psy Academy, Jack loves to gamble. Some time during the Shadow War, he gambled away his freedom in an attempt to get his men and himself out of a bad situation, but ended up losing and becoming a slave. He is eventually purchased by Thallion.


With enough aptitude (7 or higher), the Hero will recognize Jack. Jack will then ask the Hero to set him free by buying him from Thallion for 500 gold. If the Hero pays Thallion 500 gold, Gamblin' Jack will join the Hero's team. If the Hero has an aptitude of 9 or higher, Thallion will accept the trade even if the Hero has less than 500 gold yet more than 400.



The gambling guard is an ace swordsman. Set him in front to take damage, and dish it out, and put a distance attacker or healer behind him. Once he gains Snake Eyes, his attacks can do massive damage. Later, he can also be a healer.


[When asked if he wants to gamble]: "Now what kind of question is that? Does the sun want to shine? Does the wind want to blow? Name your poison kid."


After the Shadow War, Gamblin' Jack, impressed with the shadowling card game, Psy War, created a popular derivative: Gamblin' War.


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