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This article is about the Telepath RPG 2 character. You may be looking for the Flint from Servants of God.

Flint Portrait in Telepath RPG 2
Vital statistics
Class Stone Golem
Status Teammate
Gender None
Race Golem
Faction The Mechanics
Health 20 + Psy Defense x2
PsP 5 (12 with Capacitor)
Speed 3
Location Deeper Downs

Flint appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Flint is a slow moving Stone Golem. Both Helena and he worked as part of the Mechanics, but they were caught stealing and were punished by being thrown into the Bug Pit. This implies certain doom.


After getting thrown into the bug pit, the Hero can speak with Helena. The Hero can get Helena and Flint to join the team for a price.



Flint may not seem as versatile as most characters, thanks to his lack of movement or good skills. However, you are able to equip him with powerful machines such as the Spin Saw. He can be very strong with those weapons. The Steam Engine is especially useful, since it can boost Flint's movement.


[The golem's eye fixates on you. He produces a series of grunts that sound like stone grinding against stone. You're not even sure if he's actually saying anything.]


  • After the Shadow War, Flint helps Helena starte a mercenary group to rival the Mechanics which she called the Helenites.
  • Flint is the only character in the Telepath series with upgradeable equipment.
  • Flint can't upgrade his PsP normally. He requires a Capacitor to increase his PsP.