Flavin image
Vital statistics
Class Somnus Citizen
Status Neutral / Enemy
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Health 28
Speed 3 (Flying)
Location Somnus
Flavin (Telepath RPG 2)

Flavin in Telepath RPG 2

Flavin appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Flavin is located in the South-Eastern building in Somnus and is one angry individual. If one acts accordingly, Flavin can become a source of income, but anger him at the beginning, and a fight will be inevitable.


If one ventures into Flavin's house with a Spin Saw (dropped randomly by Bronze Golem in the Deeper Downs), he will offer to buy it for 1000 gold. He will only do this, however, if none of the previous encounters with him resulted in a fight.


Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 8)


If fighting is at hand, then the best solution is to Mind Blast as much as possible, then use Feedback and run away to recuperate some of the PsP, then use Feedback again.


"Why, you little beast- I'll rip open your skull and turn your cerebal lobes into earrings..."

"[He forces a grin onto his face.] Well, if it isn't my favorite...fleshling."


The player gets to know his name only if he/she has a Spin Saw when they enter Flavin's house- otherwise he's simply known as "Shadowling".

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