This article is about the Attack from the Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Attack from Telepath RPG 1 or the Attack from Telepath Tactics.

Attack Feedback
Feedback is a mental attack that channels harmful thoughts and emotions out of the attacker and into the unfortunate victim. Even an attacker who has taken damage entirely from physical sources can use Feedback, channeling pain (along with attendant signals governing the body's reaction to that pain) into the victim, and may thereby trick the victim's body into dying.

Feedback cannot channel more damage than the attacker has sustained.

Using the Feedback technique, an attacker transfers her sensations of physical pain into the mind of an enemy. The attacker's body becomes capable of withstanding more punishment on the battlefield as her brain becomes convinced that she is uninjured—meanwhile, the opposite effect takes place in the mind of the target. A target whose brain is riddled with severe enough pain sensations may actually die. A character who is uninjured will not be able to deal any damage with Feedback.


  • Element: Mental
  • Range: 2 Spaces
  • Cost: 5 Psy Points
  • (Maximum) Damage / Healing: Psy Defense + Feedback Level
  • Status Effect: Caster's Health inscreases, if caster is wounded
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