Below are things fans have written about the Telepath RPG universe: stories, poems, would-be missions for use in a Telepath game, and miscellaneous other things.

Stories[edit | edit source]

The Reign of Nelis the Merciless

Yet Nameless

Telepath: Aftermath

Telepath the Betrayal

Telepath, The Story

Poems[edit | edit source]

The Telepath

Fan Missions[edit | edit source]

Ravinale Mafia

Pirate Infestation

The Alchemist

The Abandoned Staging Post

The Cold Shadowling

Attack in Marid

The Miserable Mechanic

Cavern of Souls!

The Green Thumbs

Island Raiders

Friend of Arman's

The Dreamer's Request

Shadowling Loyalists

Team Member Collection

The Cult-Psy Mission

Burning Forest

Creation of Jinn

Old Friends

Ali's Business

Merchant Side Mission Extension

The Hunted

The Caravan

A Guard's Friend in Trouble

The Waterborne Area

Other[edit | edit source]

A Theory on Everything

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