Elemental affinity describes what branch of particle manipulation a character is most naturally adept in due to their temperament.


  • heat affinity is associated with passionate personalities;
  • cold affinity is associated with detached or rational personalities;
  • light affinity is associated with a preoccupation with future possibilities;
  • shadow affinity is associated with a preoccupation with past mistakes.

Spriggat AffinityEdit

Spriggats have an unusually strong elemental affinity that literally colors their appearance.

Telepath RPG: Servants of GodEdit

The Hero in Telepath RPG: Servants of God is the only character in the series whose elemental affinity may vary depending on the player's choices. The player is given the opportunity to select an elemental affinity for the hero after the completion of the bandit cave mission early on in the game simply by talking to the Nameless One and answering an abstractly-worded question.

It is possible for Duvalier to actually have double mental affinity, if one types the word ABigCheater as the name of the main player. Not only does Duvalier start the game with literally almost all light-based abilities, but he can immediately speak to the Trainer to choose an extra elemental affinity.

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